Walnut Spice Rack - Made in Calgary, Alberta
Walnut Spice Rack - Made in Calgary, Alberta
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Walnut Spice Rack - Made in Calgary, Alberta

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A new best seller for 2020, our wall hanging spice rack made from walnut hardwood, with walnut plywood backing. Made in our Calgary, Alberta workshop. Add a touch of beauty and a lot of organization to your kitchen. Made to fit jars up to about 4 inches tall. There is about 20 inches of horizontal space for each shelf, allowing about 10 jars if they are 2 inches wide, with a little room to ensure you can easily get them in and out.

When we created this design we machined a small ridge into each shelf to hold the jars in place, avoiding the need for a bar across the front which would block the labels. 

Feel free to send a note if you would like a quote on a smaller of larger custom size. We are happy to build these spice racks to custom dimensions and will provide you with a no obligation quote, these are made to order so custom pricing is in line with the size.

Includes pre-installed wire mounting on the back as well as hooks, screws and anchors for you to hang up your spice rack yourself on your wall at home.

Estimated production time: Delivers 2-3 weeks from order date (Calgary).