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End Grain Maple Cutting Board

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* Photos coming soon - see our walnut boards for design and style, colour will be light maple instead of dark walnut. *

A version of our best selling and most popular walnut end grain cutting board - these hard maple end grain boards are built to last. All of our end grain boards are single sided with rubber feet and stainless steel screws to help ensure boards don't accidentally pick up moisture and water, keeping them from warping or cracking. 

Periodically treat these boards with mineral oil and a thin layer of beeswax to keep them like new. If your board ever has a problem reach out to us and we'll help you get it back as good as new again.

Estimated production time: Ships 2 weeks from order date.

Sizing: Choose a size to see the price. All sizing is approximate and may vary by small amounts to ensure we build out boards as sustainably as we can and minimize waste. If one dimension is undersize slightly (0.5" or less) the other dimension will be oversized to compensate.